IMB’s proven Assess-Implement-Manage (AIM) client service approach focuses on end-to-end benefits financial process review, overpayment recovery, and administrative outsourcing. An upfront review of historical benefit and insurance invoices and payments will identify opportunities for cost savings and process improvement.


  • Detailed review of benefits invoices and payments
  • Vendor compliance with all contracted rates and terms
  • Payment timing and cash management optimization


  • Implementation of findings to save costs and strengthen processes
  • Historical overpayment recovery
  • Future overpayment avoidance
  • Process and audit trail improvements
  • Process documentation


  • Outsourcing of administrative (non-core) Benefits Finance functions
  • Invoice processing, validation and consolidation
  • Vendor billing reconciliation and real-time audit
  • Cash management and vendor payment services

Our Goal

To deliver a unique solution that creates value, saves cost, and brings a fresh, diverse perspective to established benefits and insurance programs.